Car and off-road tires Nitto is a modern high-tech product of the company of the same name, owned by the Japanese corporation Toyo. The creators of the brand position their products as the best purchase for true car enthusiasts. We are talking about those who are most passionate about the process of driving and their car. The company's philosophy is based on the fact that the wheel is not just “shoes” for the vehicle. A trip by car is not just a convenient way to get around the city. Nitto creates tires for those who spend most of their time driving. And for those who just love their cars. Rubber should maintain contact between the driver and the road. Good wheels give you a feeling of confidence when driving. And this is especially important to ensure the safety and comfort of the motorist. Indeed, quite often driving is complicated by adverse weather and road conditions. Thanks to Nitto products, the driver, as if merging with the car, turns into one with him. This is the only way to fully control the movement, taking pleasure in conquering the road.

In the Nitto line, rubber is presented in a wide range of sizes for winter, summer and all-weather use. Employees of the company use a special approach in the design of tires. This is a prime example of engineering and high-quality tire manufacturing. Pay attention to the tread pattern developed by Nitto. It has no analogues and is distinguished by its original design. You will be able to pick up both non-standard design models and classic options for daily city trips. Nitto tires are made by professionals with many years of experience. Based on innovation and advanced technology, they model a truly reliable and durable rubber.

The benefits of the Nitto range

- The main feature of Nitto's products is its focus on high-speed maneuvering and a bold driving style. Temperamental drivers who want to confidently overcome any obstacles traditionally choose this rubber. The car, equipped with Nitto wheels, will be obedient and on a flat asphalt road, and in turns, and in off-road conditions. It is no coincidence that these tires are often installed on racing and sports cars.

- The rubber presented in the Nitto collections will provide softness and smoothness of movement, as well as excellent handling. Even at high speeds, the tires of this brand retain stability and excellent grip on the roadway.

- The company's engineers have achieved the maximum reduction in wheel noise. Thus, Nitto is a quiet and manoeuvrable tire, masking all the bumps in the road. The driver will protect himself from unpleasant vibrations and road noise and will be able to enjoy the ride. Acoustic comfort was achieved due to the optimal geometry of the tread zone.

- Nitto models effectively interact with dry and wet surfaces. The design of the tires increases the contact area of ​​the wheels with the road. This is especially important when driving in rainy weather, when a layer of water forms on the track, worsening the grip. A drainage groove system will quickly fix this problem and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Therefore, the motorist will be able to calmly drive, accelerate and brake on a damp surface.

- High grip on dry and wet asphalt was also the result of high-quality rubber compound. The company's engineers use modern materials, which also reduce the coefficient of rolling resistance. This important factor allows you to save fuel and protect the air from excessive emissions of carbon dioxide.

In the winter Nitto series, tires are available in studded and frictional form - the choice depends on weather and road specifics. A design with a large number of lamellas of various shapes increases grip on icy and snowy roads. Summer models are durable and guarantee stable operation in any weather. They will provide comfortable driving on dry and wet tracks, minimal noise and safety during dynamic driving. You can purchase Nitto brand products by reading first the nitto nt555 g2 review in the tire dealer sites.